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Buzz Away Extreme Towelettes - 12 count

Buzz Away Extreme Towelettes - 12 count
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Quantum Pharmaceuticals, LLC.
  All Natural, DEET-free Mosquito & Tick Repellent

12 Count

Using our all natural mosquito and tick repellent is now as easy as One-Two-Swipe! Great for weekend trips, camp, and travel. The wipes are easier to use when applying to the face too, especially on squiggly kids!

Why use harsh chemical products? This all natural alternative has been proven just as effective in both independent field-testing and lab research. Buzz Away Extreme® wards off mosquitoes for up to 4 hours and ticks for at least up to 2 hours. The innovative, non-greasy, plant-based bug spray includes:

  • Soy Bean Oil: - A powerful botanical repellent. 
  • Geranium Oil – A natural insect repellent essential oil, so effective it’s been researched for commercial use
  • Cedarwood Oil – Less well-known, but useful in repelling ticks
  • Citronella Oil – Well-known and heavily researched natural mosquito repellent
  • A dozen other natural carrier oils, aromatic essential oils, plant-based preservatives, and purified water

There’s no need to douse yourself with DEET. Make the switch to this DEET-free bug spray. For safety and reliable effects, Buzz Away Extreme® is the clear choice for you and your loved ones!

Castor Oil (8%), Geranium Oil (6%), Soybean Oil (3%), Cedarwood Oil (1.5%), Citronella Oil (1.0%), Peppermint Oil (0.5%), Lemongrass Oil (0.25%). Inert Ingredients: (79.75% total): Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Lecithin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Wintergreen Oil.

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