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CareMates Vytrile Examination Gloves - Powder Free - Small - 50 Count

CareMates Vytrile Examination Gloves - Powder Free - Small - 50 Count
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Shephard Medical Products, Inc.
  CareMate Vytrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

50 Count

What is Vytrile?
Vytrile is our answer to the search for a synthetic glove that protects, fits, and feels more like latex, while offering reliable performance, superior protection, and great price value. Vytrile gloves have a smooth texture that feels more like latex next to the skin, plus a flexibility that helps them conform more closely to the contours of your hand.

Vytrile gloves (also referred to as Vitrile):

  • Available exclusively from CareMates
  • Medical grade, latex-free, and powder-free new age synthetic glove
  • A custom blend of primary ingredients to produce a unique glove that has the color of a latex glove, with superior stretch, elasticity and fit when compared to typical vinyl gloves

Why Vytrile?

  • 3 times the strength of a Vinyl glove
    Manufactured to ASTM D5250 standard, tensile and elongation testing shows that Vytrile has up to 3 times the strength of Vinyl
  • Superior Protection
    (0%) viral penetration (ASTM F739), (0%) alcohol permeation (ASTM F1671), unlike other synthetic
    gloves according to ASTM testing
  • Sturdy
    Offers excellent resistance to punctures and tears
  • Flexible, soft
    Designed for comfortable fit, low resistance to friction, very easy to slide on, with great dexterity and tactility
  • Affordable
    Priced about half the cost of Nitrile, much less than Latex, and about the same as Vinyl gloves

When should Vytrile gloves be used?
Vytrile gloves can be used in any healthcare environment to prevent the spread of infection in healthcare, food preparation/food service, cleaning, sanitation, and other applications.

When should Vytrile gloves NOT be used?
Vytrile gloves are not recommended for chemotherapy or home infusion, due to insufficient permeation testing for these drugs. CareMates Nitrile Exam Gloves have been exhaustively tested and are the glove of choice for chemotherapy and home infusion applications.

Choose Vytrile if you

  • Want proven reliability and the choice of medical and pharmacy professionals
  • Need gloves that provide consistent protection, performing at 0% viral penetration
  • Seek a high quality latex-free synthetic, with protection properties equal to latex gloves
  • Have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to latex or natural rubber products
  • Want a glove with a fit and feel like latex
  • Prefer a glove with a smooth finish

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