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Hollywood Fashion Tape® Sweater Saver

Hollywood Fashion Tape® Sweater Saver
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Hollywood Fashion Tape, Inc.
  Removes unsightly pilling from clothing!


Nothing says clothing has seen better days like a rash of “pills”—you know, those annoying little fiber balls that seem to grow on sweaters, fleece wear and even blankets, giving the appearance of permanent goose bumps. Your bumpy clothing winds up in the “give to charity” bag well before it’s worthy of cast-off status, and you wind up spending money on new sweaters over and over.


The brilliance of the Hollywood Sweater Saver lies in its simplicity. Lightly skim the palm-size, practically weightless pumice stone across the pill-laden fabric and watch those vexing bumps disappear, revealing in mere moments your like-new sweater, coat or blanket. Compare the Hollywood Sweater Saver with more-expensive, battery-operated pill removers whose blades grab and snag your sweater’s fibers while ineffectually trying to cut off the pills.

Lightly rub over your garment & watch it grab and remove pilling, fuzz and knots.

Always test garment in a non-visible area prior to using.  Not recommended for silks and other fine knits.

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