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Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit

Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit
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Spenco Medical Corporation
  First Aid for Blisters

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Spenco® 2nd Skin® Blister Kit is a compact resealable pouch for convenient protection and relief from friction, pressure and blisters. Easy to carry in purse, backpack, tool box, car glove compartments or keep at home.


  • 2nd Skin Moist Pads (non-sterile).
  • Adhesive Kit
  • Pressure Pads

1. 2nd Skin® Moist Pads (non-sterile) help protect against pressure, friction and blisters. Remove and discard the blue film and apply the exposed side of the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad directly on the blister-prone area.
2. Cover 2nd Skin® Moist Pad with Adhesive Knit. Peel paper backing from Adhesive Knit and apply directly over 2nd Skin® Moist Pad.
3. Oval Pressure Pads protect “hot spot” areas on the skin, especially the joints of the feet, hands, knees and elbows.

Always keep uncut portion of 2nd Skin® Moist Pads inside plastic pouch to prevent drying.

2nd Skin® Moist Pads contain at least 80% water and 4% polyethylene oxide.

2nd Skin® Moist Pads (non-sterile) should not be used for open wounds. For severe wounds or if infection occurs, consult your physician. Diabetics should consult their physician about blisters or wounds. Avoid blocking air passages.

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