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Spenco Thin Sole Orthotics #5 - 3/4 Length

Spenco Thin Sole Orthotics #5 - 3/4 Length
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Spenco Medical Corporation
  Men's 12-13

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Spenco® ThinSole™ Orthotics are designed to support your foot’s arch and absorb the shock of everyday activity. The unique shell provides excellent stability without the added bulk of most orthotics. The shell is bonded to a layer of closed-cell nitrogen-injected Spenco® Material and covered with 4-way stretch nylon. Spenco® ThinSole™ Orthotics are a perfect fit for dress and casual shoes.
  • Firm adjustable arch support
  • Less bulk than most orthotics
  • Perfect for dress and casual shoes
  • Balances and stabilizes the entire foot
  • Absorbs shock and reduces friction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and washable
Orthotic Shell – Provides excellent stability without the added bulk of most orthotics.

More Toe Space – ¾ length is perfect for most dress and casual shoes.

Closed-cell Nitrogen-injected Spenco® Material – Absorbs shock and impact to provide comfort and cushioning.

4-Way Stretch Nylon – Helps reduce friction and heat build-up that causes blisters and calluses.

Place in shoes cloth side up. Trim with scissors if necessary.

Hand wash, air dry.

To Customize: Due to high strength properties of the Spenco® ThinSole™ material, the manufacturer recommends that any adjustment be done by a local footcare professional. Adjust the curve and height of the arch support using a heat gun at 300ºF. Hold the end of the heat gun 1 ½” to 2” away from the shell and heat using a back-and-forth movement until the shell is pliable. The shell can be adjusted for about five seconds. Apply pressure until the shell cools.

Use gloves or a towel when handling the heated orthotic. Allow to cool before placing in shoes.

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