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StaiNo Interdental Brushes - Travel Model

StaiNo Interdental Brushes - Travel Model
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StaiNo, LLC
  Ultrafine Cylindrical

4 Brushes


  • Removes difficult stains, food & plaque between teeth, helping prevent gum disease.
  • Quickly and safely eliminates difficult stains between teeth, including tobacco and coffee.
  • The ONLY brush proven safe and effective for stain removal and natural tooth whitening.
  • Patented handle with stackable caps for greater reach.
  • Cleans around braces reducing plaque buildup on orthodontic wires.
  • Cleans and removes stains between teeth and bridge abutments.
  • Dentists’ choice for safe and effective cleaning around implants.

1. Insert brush between teeth.
2. Use a gentle back and forth motion.
3. Rinse mouth thoroughly.
4. Wash brush after use.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each tooth. Discard after use.

Never force brush into too small opening.

See your dentist regularly.

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