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Kwick-Fix Stick E Tak

Kwick-Fix Stick E Tak
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Chemence Inc.
  Professional Strength Poster Adhesive

2 oz.

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Hangs any lightweight object, securing, mounting or holding objects. Works on most clean, dry, non-porous surfaces such as: glass, mirrors, wood, tile, brick, stone, metal, plastic and ceramics.
  • Industrial, commercial and home use.
  • Replaces tape and tacks.
  • Use on any surface.
  • Reusable
  • Removable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe for Children
Diagrams • Blueprints • Directions • Warnings • Posters • Maps • Signs

  • Pull or cut off small amount of putty.
  • Knead until soft and warm.
  • Place putty on areas to be held.
  • Press item to putty firmly, until secure.
Removal: Pull bonded item from surface, remove any excess residue by rolling putty over the old.

Use only as directed.

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