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HeadBlade Shaving Razor

HeadBlade Shaving Razor
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The HeadBlade Company, LLC
  The Ultimate Head Shaving Razor


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HeadBlade® is a revolutionary way to shave. Throw away your conventional razor and your conventional thinking. It might take a few tries to get rid of your old shaving habits, but once you do, you’ll be a HeadBlade fanatic.

Think about the design of a conventional razor. You need to worry about the angle and the pressure of the blade. The handle takes your fingers away from your scalp. You can’t feel where you shave. You take short stokes in many directions.

Utilizing the HeadBlade’s pantented suspension, just take long smooth strokes along your scalp (leading with the blade). Keep the back pad in contact with your scalp and the blade will automatically pivot. You don’t even need to apply any pressure.

  • We head with hot water (or take shower). Lather up using HeadSlick® Shave Cream.
  • Put HeadBlade® on middle finger. Rest it between first and second knuckle.
  • Take long smooth strokes leading with the blade. Keep back pad down.
  • Some guys like to shave with the grain, some against. In order to go in different directions, just turn the HeadBlade® around on your finger. We suggest you shave each side of your head with that respective hand.
  • When you’re done shaving, rinse with cold water. Use a good moisturizing lotion.


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