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Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer

Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer
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Guardian Technologies, LLC
  Destroys the Common Germs and Viruses Spread by Sneezing and Coughing


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Stainless Model No. EV-9-102

The Germ Guardian’s powerful fan moves air into the processing chamber where germs are bombarded with Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light energy, the technology used in commercial and industrial germ-killing applications. Germ Guardian’s reflective aluminum chamber maximizes the effect. Germ Guardian is ideal for a typical 10’ x 20’ room and costs just pennies a day to run. Plus, there are no filters to clean or replace. When the blue light glows, you know UV-C light is destroying airborne germs.

The EV-90-102 was specifically designed to render germs harmless. The airflow and UV-C dose have been optimized to destroy bacteria, viruses, and germs.

The Germ Guardian features a 9-watt Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light module and a whisper-quiet fan. The total system consumes less than 20 watts of power.

  • Place Germ Guardian on a table, desk or nightstand.
  • Flip the switch. The blue glow tells you it’s working.
  • Set the fan speed.
  • The process of destroying germs has now begun for air passing though the Germ Guardian unit.
  • No worries about children or pets. Germ Guardian is sturdy, safe and cool to the touch.
  • There’s never a filter to clean or replace.
  • Costs just pennies a day to operate continuously, using about the same electricity as a light bulb.
  • The replaceable UV-C light module will last approximately 8000 hours.

  • Under no circumstances should you clean the bulb, module or cylinder with water or wet solutions. This could cause electric shock.
The Germ Guardian has been designed to provide years of safe and trouble-free operation when used as directed. When using this appliance, basic precautions should be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury.
  • Always unplug the Germ Guardian unit from electrical outlet when servicing.
  • Close supervision is necessary when this unit is operated near children.
  • Do not carry this unit by the cord or use the cord as a handle.
  • Do not handle the unit or plug with wet hands.
  • Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
  • Do not unplug the unit by pulling on the cord. Grasp the plug itself, when unplugging from an outlet.
  • Do not put any object into the openings or block the airflow to the unit.
CAUTION: Ultraviolet-C light is emitted from the module when the unit is electrified. Severe eye injury or skin irritation could result. Do not operate the unit if the enclosure is damaged. Do not expose skin or eyes to within 3 inches of the air intake or output for a period of 3 hours or more. Skin or eye irritation could result.

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