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Kidz-Med ThermoFocus Non-Contact Thermometer

Kidz-Med ThermoFocus Non-Contact Thermometer
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Kidz-Med, Inc.

Safe, Hygienic, Easy To Use


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The Kidz-Med Thermofocus® is the world’s first completely Non-Contact thermometer – it never has to touch the body, allowing parents to check the temperature of a sick child without having to wake them up or struggle.  It uses totally safe and advanced infrared technology to take your baby’s, or family’s, forehead, navel or armpit reading instantly and accurately.  It is totally non-invasive and hygienic, and does not need expensive probe covers.  The Thermofocus® is FDA approved, and clinically tested to be accurate within +/-0.4 degrees.   It is as accurate as a rectal thermometer reading and more accurate than most ear thermometers, but without the fuss or pain of either of these methods.  The Thermofocus® gives instant body readings, and when in standby mode, shows the ambient room temperature.  It takes both Fahrenheit or Celsius readings on a digital LED display and can store up to 9 previous readings in memory.  It also has a setting allowing you to take the temperature of other objects such as a baby’s bottle, food or bath water.  The Thermofocus® uses 4 AAA batteries which will last for up to 10,000 readings.  The Thermofocus® will set the new gold standard for detecting a fever and is a must for every home medicine cabinet.

Flip open the protective cap.  Use patented aiming lights to properly distance Thermofocus® at the point on forehead between the eyes.  Press button and release for instant digital reading.  Thermofocus® comes with complete instructions for use in English, Spanish and French.


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