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Kidz-Med Liquid Medicine Dispenser

Kidz-Med Liquid Medicine Dispenser
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Kidz-Med, Inc.

Liquid Medicine Dispenser, Easy To Use


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Finally, it’s easy to administer an accurate dose of medicine to finicky infants and toddlers.  Pour the correct amount of medicine into the pacifier reservoir, close it and give it to baby.  Gently press the patented “plunger” to make sure baby gets a full dose of medicine, and less finicky babies may suck unassisted.  A small channel inside the
Kidz-Med medicine dispenser delivers the medicine towards the back of baby’s tongue – just the way nature would.   Now moms are assured that baby gets the correct amount as prescribed and get it “in them and not on them”.  The pacifier’s graduated reservoir holds up to 5 ml and has volume indications at 2.5 mL and 5 mL (1/2 and 1 tsp.)  Polypropylene mouth shield and silicone nipple are orthodontically approved and cleared to FDA biocompatibility (class 1) standards.  Designed for safety with all parts securely welded together.  No loose parts or sharp edges.  The Kidz-Med Medicine Dispenser is intended primarily as a medical aid, not as the child’s regular pacifier.

  • Retract the plunger and open the reservoir behind the mouth shield, gently pulling all the way up.
  • Pour the correct amount of medicine into the reservoir and close.
  • Give the pacifier to the child and, if needed, apply pressure to the plunger.
To clean the pacifier, place in any baby-product sterilizing solution.  Leave the medicine chamber open.  Do not boil or expose excessive heat. 

Check regularly for wear by pulling on the nipple.  A tear could lead to separation of a piece, which could present a choking hazard.  Never tie the pacifier around child’s neck.

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