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Kidz-Med WhistleWatch Asthma Peak Flow Monitor

Kidz-Med WhistleWatch Asthma Peak Flow Monitor
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Effective Peak Flow Monitoring, Easy Home Use, Accepted by Children


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Regular monitoring of the peak flow (maximum peak expiratory flow in airways) can effectively prevent asthma attacks as well as keep the use of prescription medication under control.  The unique Kid-Med™ Whistle Watch™ allows for peak flow monitoring to be easily done at home or school and is especially helpful for younger children.  The Whistle Watch™ monitor will indicate if peak flow remains above a certain minimum pre-set value, allowing the parent of the affected child to feel assured that the child’s lungs are in good condition.  Whistle Watch™ allows parents to establish whether their child is within his or her normal range of peak flow by blowing into the devise and setting off a whistle sound.  Should the child’s peak flow fall below the present value, the whistle will not respond and proper medication should be administered or a healthcare professional should be consulted.  The Whistle Watch™ monitor has been designed to enable the parent or caregiver to monitor the child’s asthma or allergy.  It measures the rate at which the child can force air out of his or her lungs.  Although you do not take a reading the ability to produce a whistling sound indicated that their asthma is under control.  It is FDA approved and is reimbursable as a hand-help peak flow meter (reimbursement code #A4614) when prescribed by a doctor.

  • Hold the WhistleWatch® monitor with your thumb at the bottom. The opening or vent should be facing to the left or right. Do not cover the vent with your finger.  Take a deep breath.  Place the mouthpiece of the monitor between your lips, making a tight seal.  Blow as hard as you can into the mouthpiece of the monitor.  If you hear a whistle, your asthma is under control.  If you don’t hear a whistle, contact your child’s doctor or healthcare professional.  Replace the monitor at least every six months.


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