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Do-It Safe with SealSafe Dosing Adapters

Do-It Safe with SealSafe Dosing Adapters
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Andwin Scientific
  Self-Sealing, Spill-Proof Dosing Adapters

1 Syringe, 2 Caps

New, Patented SealSafe® Adapters make liquid medication storage and dispensing safer and easier than ever. Oral syringes effortlessly draw the exact dose every time while the contents are more protected from the risk of spill, evaporation and contamination. The SealSafe® adapter fits snugly into most bottles while allowing the bottle’s original screw-cap to fit over the adapter.

Closure is easily pierced by an oral syringe and reseals when syringe is removed.

Dispense quickly with confidence. Dispensing cups are not clearly marked and ordinary “teaspoons” vary by size. Do-It Safe® with the SealSafe® dosing adapters and ensure that every dose is the right dose¹. Safely and accurately dose medications for adults, infants, children and pets.

  • Maximize drug dosing accuracy
  • Prevent evaporation, spills & contamination
  • Original child-resistant and standard caps fit over the adapters
  • Easy-to-read syringe dose marks never enter the bottle
  • Prevent waste by always getting the last drop of medication
  • Limit accidental access even when C/R caps are removed

1) Remove the screw-cap and Press a SealSafe® adapter in the neck of the bottle.

2) Insert the tip of an oral syringe into the SealSafe® adapter, turn the bottle upside-down and draw the desired dosage.

3) The SealSafe® adapter reseals after the tip is removed. Replace the screw-cap back onto the bottle over the secure dosing adapter for storage. Clean the syringe thoroughly between uses to remove any residue.

Warning: Small parts. This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Choking hazard. ¹Medications should only be dosed/dispensed according to manufacturer’s and /or medical provider’s printed guidelines.

SealSafe® adapters should be tested for use with specific containers, liquids and oral syringe tips to confirm fit and compatibility and to ensure optimal performance. The Andwin Corp. shall not be liable for any consequential damages, loss of liquids, loss of or damage to property or claims of third parties arising out of or in connection with use of SealSafe® adapters.

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