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Detach N’ Go! 3-Day Weekender Detachable Pill Organizer

Detach N’ Go! 3-Day Weekender Detachable Pill Organizer
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products from:
Inventures Products, LLC
  Never Miss a Day of Medication

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  • It's detachable!
  • Never miss a day of medication with this easy to use pill organizer.
  • Each compartment is detachable and provides the flexibility you need to maintain your daily medication or vitamin schedule.
  • The snap-on lids form a tight seal to keep your medication and vitamins secure.
  • Each compartment holds up to 25 Aspirin-sized pills.

  • To Detach:
    • Simply slide the desired compartment/compartments apart by pulling up on one side and holding the other side in place.
  • To Reattach:
    • Line up the bottom groove of one compartment with the top groove of another compartment.
    • Simply push down and slide to reattach.

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