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Acu-Life Tubular Gauze

Acu-Life Tubular Gauze
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products from:
Health Enterprises, Inc.
  Helps Protect Fingers and Toes

4 Gauzes & Cots (7/8" X 9")

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ACU-LIFE Rubber Finger Cots Protect Wounds from Moisture and Dirt

Key Finger Cot Features:

  • Help prevent infections
  • Stretch to fit easily over injured finger tips and toes
  • Durable rubber won’t break or crack
  • Ideal for blisters, cuts, burns and stitches
  • Also useful for inserting suppositories and applying creams and medications
  • Recommended by quilters for protecting finger tips

  1. Cleanse wound, apply small amount of antibiotic cream and a small non-stick sterile guaze pad to any open skin or abrasion.
  2. Measure gauze against injured finger or toe to 2 1/2 times the length.  Trim if necessary.
  3. Slide gauze tube over finger or toe.
  4. Twist tube at end of finger or toe and slide remaining gauze back over end of finger or toe,  making a second protective layer.  Secure with adhesive tape.
  5. Place Rubber Cot over injured finger or toe when showering or washing hands.

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