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Diastar Super Grip Bathtub Handle

Diastar Super Grip Bathtub Handle
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  Extremely Strong, Secure Bathtub Handle

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Diastar™ Super Grip Bathtub Handle

The Diastar Super Grip Bathtub Handle is the perfect bath assistant for those who have trouble getting in and out of the bathtub on their own. Have you ever been in the bathtub and didn't have the physical ability to stand up on your own? This handle is just what you need! With its easy to use suction cups, it fits securely onto any verti- cal or horizontal surface in seconds. Just flip-up the securing tabs to create a vacuum to securely hold the bar in place. Requires no drilling, no screws and no tools! It can be used when    showering, bathing, using the toilet or climbing steps.

The Diastar Super Grip Bathtub Handle can easily be removed and relocated, making it perfect for people with limited strength to reclaim their independence. It is also great to pack along when traveling.

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