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Flents Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Flents Hot & Cold Gel Pack
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Apothecary Products, Inc.
  Relieves Pain and Reduces Swelling

One Gel Pack (4" X 6")
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While Supplies Last!

Delivers soothing warm or cool relief for pain and inflammation.  Easily molds to any body contour, assuring 100% contact with the effected area.  Compact and conveniently reusable.

Detailed instructions on package

Chilled packs should be applied with caution to prevent possible tissue damage.  If the application becomes uncomfortable, reduce the duration of treatment. 

Do not apply directly to skin - wrap Gel Pack with cloth.

Do not apply over insensitive skin areas or in the presence of poor circulation. 

Exercise special precaution when apply to very young or elderly individuals. 

Gel may be harmful if swallowed.  If swallowed, dilute with water or milk and contact a physician. 

Discard Gel Pack if puncture or torn.


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