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Flents C.P.R. Microshield Clear Mouth Barrier

Flents C.P.R. Microshield Clear Mouth Barrier
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Apothecary Products, Inc.
  Protection barrier between rescuer and victim!

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The C.P.R. Microshield is used to reduce the contact between a rescuer and a cardiac/respiratory arrest victim during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  It provides a physical barrier that helps to prevent the spread of disease or infection between rescuer and victim.

The C.P.R. Microshield is composed of a crystal clear, 25 square inch soft vinyl barrier membrane which conforms to the victim's facial contours.  In addition to the barrier membrane, the device has a unique anti-reflux, one way valve which prevents the victim's oral secretions from contacting the rescuer through the mouthpiece/airway.  The rigid mouthpiece/airway also acts as a bite-block, allowing for positive airway when using the recommended "head-tilt//chin-lift" method of victim positioning.  The elliptical design of the mouthpiece, if inserted in the corner of the mouth, acts as a jaw pry to facilitate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Instructions printed on package

For use by C.P.R. trained individuals only

For single use only - DO NOT reuse

DO NOT use on infant victims

Dispose of properly after use

Does not guarantee absolute protection against disease transmission.

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