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Body Guard PolyKnit Adhesive Sheets - 12 Sheets / 5x8.5

Body Guard PolyKnit Adhesive Sheets - 12 Sheets / 5x8.5
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Nearly Me Technologies, LLC
  Breathable non-woven sheets help reduce friction and shearing against sensitive skin

12 sheets - 5" x 8 1/2"
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Body Guard Foam Pressure Padding - 12 - 3x4 Sheets (78405-03007*)
Price - $35.00
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To help protect sensitive skin and “hot spots” against friction and shearing during athletic activities.

BODY GUARD® PolyKnit Adhesive Sheeting is made of a soft non-woven spun polyester with a  medical grade adhesive that holds comfortably against the body to reduce friction and shearing. It  helps protect  bony prominences against blisters and abrasions and won’t sweat or bathe off during  normal use. Sheets are designed with 4-way stretch which allows it to stretch and adhere smoothly  over and around uneven parts of the body like fingers, toes, ankle bones, heels and other hard to  tape areas. It works well with BODY GUARD® Hydro Gel products and will hold various types of  padding in place. It can also be used by itself as a friction reducing product to help protect sensitive  skin from blisters, calluses and abrasions. Use it on the skin or to line protective padding or shoes  and boots. Each sheet is 5” x 8½” length and packaged 12 sheets to a bag. Made in U.S.A. with U.S. materials.  

• Item # 160-3008 BODY GUARD® PolyKnit Adhesive Sheets – 5″ x 8.5″, 12 sheets/bag

Leave sheet whole or cut to desired shape.  Remove white paper backing.  Apply sticky side over targeted area.  Carefully remove sheet after use and discard. 

Do not use with lotions or powders as this may affect adhesiveness.

NON-STERILE.  Not a dressing.  Do not use on open wounds or burns or by anyone who may have medical conditions that would prevent them from using or changing the sheets properly.

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