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Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup

Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup
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The Alkalol Company
  For Head Colds and Chronic Nasal Conditions


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Head colds or chronic nasal conditions may be alleviated through nasal cleanliness often induced by flushing the nasal tract with warm Alkalol used with the Alkalol Nasal Douche Cup. Indications for its use are acute Rhinitis, Post Nasal Drip, and General Cleanliness as a helpful home preventative.

The Alkalol Nasal Douche Cup is especially designed with vertical nozzle to operate with head tilted slightly forward and sideways. This correct position helps to eliminate involving the middle ear.

Fill a small glass one-third full of Alkalol. Add hot water until glass is one-half full. Fill the Nasal Cup from the glass and use one-half of the cup in each nostril. Any remainder in the glass may be used as a gargle.

With finger over vent, introduce nozzle of cup into nostril, elevate the cup. Remove finger allowing warm Alkalol to flow into nostril. Keep mouth open and avoid breathing through nose while using. Repeat as desired, allowing the warm Alkalol to stay in contact with the membrane as long as possible. If excess of fluid runs into throat, it will do no harm. When blowing nose, blow each nostril separately and gently. For further directions, contact your physician.

Use as directed.


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